The Errand Boy

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Susan stayed home all day yesterday in order to fight off her cold and that made me the errand boy for the day.  I started off with a visit to the local drugstore in search of Mucinex or its equivalent.  No luck in finding wither A or B.  Since I was there I thought I would inquire about the price of the pill that I take for my high blood pressure.  A month’s supply would run me $20 versus the $125 it costs in the US.  I guess it helps when the national government sets the prices for prescription medication.

From the drugstore I made my way to the Central Market where I picked up ham, chicken and fruits and vegetables.  No sooner did I get them home and put them away when I headed over to the gym to get my workout in.  I stopped off at Mercadona on my way home to pick up a few staples and then Susan and I sat down for lunch.  We had a salad Nicoise that was absolutely delicious.  The fresh loaf of bread from El Parisien was an absolute plus.  Susan had some ice cream for dessert, but I opted for coffee instead.

I headed out at 5:00 in search of cough medicine and in search of a local eyewear place that always does a good job of adjusting my glasses.  I did not find the medicine that I was looking for, but I did get my glasses adjusted.  On my way home I stopped off at a mini-casino and racked up a 55 Euro win.  By the time I got home it was 7:30 and with all my coming and goings I had covered 8.1 miles.  No wonder my feet hurt.

In the evening we watched a bit of TV including the Glee Christmas episode.  We snacked on some ham and some chips while we watched.  Susan retired early and I stayed up late to finish the latest Michael Connelly novel The Drop. It is a Harry Bosch novel.  It was an enjoyable read, but not one of his best.  I am looking forward to Robert Crais’ next novel so that I can catch up on the adventures of Elvis Cole.

We are heading off to visit with Jorge so that we cab both get our hair cut.  I may be doing some filming next week and I want to look my best.

Tuesday's paella put up a valiant fight, but lost!

Hocus Pocus in Focus

Ana was a champ. She cut to the 4 Aces.

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