Sorolla, Sorolla y Sorolla – October 16, 2009

It is a cool cloudy morning and I pop into the bakery to buy myself a napolitana de crema for my breakfast.  We have been hankering to see the Sorolla exhibit that is currently in Valencia.  It is titled VISIÓN DE ESPAŇA and it has already been shown in Madrid and Barcelona and it is now here.  It opened here on October 1 and it will be here until January 10, 2010.  The two times we have gone on the Internet to get tickets they were already snapped up.  However, when I saw Sara the other day, she mentioned that if you go rather early on a weekday there are no lines and you only have to wait five minutes or so.  We are out of the house by 10:30.

At 11:00 AM we are third and fourth in line to get into the exhibit.  Most of the canvases are on loan from the Hispanic Society in New York and all of them are enormous.  Their focus is the various regions of Spain and the themes are unlike the Sorolla paintings with which I am familiar.  My experience with Sorolla has consisted of those light and bright scenes of ladies walking along the shore.  In addition to the large panels, there are a number of portraits, including one of Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Our visit lasts no more than a half hour and it is really a transcendent experience.  We discuss what we saw all the way home. Here is a link that shows some of the canvases

We realize that we need to visit the market today since we will be busy Saturday most of the day and the market is closed on Sundays.  We pick up some pate, some fruits and vegetables and we splurge and buy a couple of top of the line steaks for our Sunday lunch.  We then head to a nearby restaurant and have a pleasant lunch.  After that it is back to the house for a siesta.

Later on we debate about taking in a movie.  We would over to see the movie PARIS, but we want to see it in the original French.  The theater that is showing it appears to be a good thirty minutes away.  We discuss a bit more and we opt for staying at home and watching a DVD.  I had purchased a number of episodes of a dramedy called LOS HOMBRES DE PACO and we ended up two of them while we snacked on a variety of leftovers.  We called it a night at 10:30 PM because we need to be up early tomorrow for a special event.


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