It’s Just Another Sunny Day – October 14, 2009

It’s another sunny day in Valencia and there are a number of errands that need to be tended to today before we have lunch.  A brief shopping trip to the supermarket at El Corte Inglés is followed by a search for a book that we are trying to but as a gift for a friend of us.  We are looking for the Spanish version of THREE CUPS OF TEA and have been remarkably unsuccessful both in Madrid and here in Valencia.  I have been told that the Corte Inglés near the bust station might have a copy.  We head out and on the way we pass the FNAC.  We decide to take a look there and we discover the only copy that they have.  Success!

We return to Aries for lunch and we select an outdoor table and have a very pleasant lunch.  We return home and rest up a bit before we start our exercise session.  We spend the rest of the afternoon reading and working on the computer.  At 8:00 PM we head to the fountain in the small plaza near our place to meet with Zahaba and Klaus, a couple that Susan met at Yom Kippur services.  They see us and wave to us and after exchanging pleasantries, we head for a terraza near la Plaza de la Reina.

Zahaba and Klaus have recently arrived in Valencia with the intent to live here and practice here for the foreseeable future.  They are both herbalists.  Klaus is originally from Germany and Zahaba from Canada.  They met at a conference in Barcelona, married soon thereafter and Klaus then moved to Toronto.  In Toronto they both set up a successful practice.  They both knew that someday that wanted to move to Spain and spent time seeking out the perfect spot.  Last year when they ended up in Valencia, as soon as they left the confines of the train station, they both instinctively knew that Valencia was the place they had been seeking.  They sold their house in Toronto and moved here in late August.

We spent a pleasant two hours catching up on each others’ life story and a little after 10:00 we each headed our separate ways.  We gave some thought to having a bit at some café, but we opted to return home and cook up the albóndigas we had purchased the other day and to devour the jamón de bellota that we had purchased the other day, also.  We stayed up another hour allowing our meal to digest and to catch up on our reading.  The sky was beginning to seriously cloud up as we turned out the lights and went to bed.

A few shops on the route to El Corte Inglés

A few shops on the route to El Corte Inglés

Street Scenes 015Street Scenes 016Street Scenes 017Street Scenes 019

The menu board at Aries

The menu board at Aries

Street Scenes 013Street Scenes 021

Here's to you, our faithful blog followers!

Here's to you, our faithful blog followers!

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