El Día de la Hispanidad – October 12, 2009

Today is a holiday in all of Spain.  It is El Día de la Hispanidad and it celebrates Columbus’ discovery of America.  That means that all shops, banks and government offices are closed.  The Central Market is closed, also.  Many restaurants are open and just as many are not.  We have breakfast and spend a little time on the computer.  We then clear the deck and do our exercises using our rubber resistance.  We then do the world a favor and take a shower.

We leave the house at 2:00 PM in search of a restaurant.  We end up walking a good hour and we settle on a restaurant located close to home.  We have the menu of the day and the food is rather unremarkable.  While we are having our entrée the alley way is invaded by a clown and he proceeds to do his shtick for a good fifteen minutes.  He then goes on his way and so do we.  We spend the rest of the afternoon reading and relaxing.

We arise from our state of almost complete torpor and decide to take in a movie.  There is an Argentinean movie playing close by and we decide that we will go see it.  It is called EL SECRETO DE SUS OJOS and it deals with a retired official of the Justice department who has decided to write a novel about a case that has occupied his mind for the past 25 years.  Through a series of flashbacks we discover the details of the case and we then follow him as he finds out all the answers that had previously evaded him.  It takes a few minutes to adjust to the Argentinean accents, but once we make that accommodation the film is easy to both understand and follow.  If the movie makes it to the States, it is well worth watching.  Here is a link to the trailer. http://www.elsecretodesusojos.com/

It is 11:00 PM when we leave the theater and make our way home.  The streets are mostly empty because everyone returns to work tomorrow.  We debate entering a restaurant and having a late supper, but we opt for returning home and raiding the refrigerator.  We dine on leftovers and read until 1:00 AM to allow our food to digest.  Then we turn off the lights and call it a day.

My long lost son?

My long lost son?

Did you see what I sawed?

Did you see what I sawed?

Sawing a lady in half the hard way!

Sawing a lady in half the hard way!

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